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The ISFH offers scientific services in the areas of photovoltaics and solar heating as well as teacher training courses.

The solar heating testing center, coordinated by Dipl.-Ing. Carsten Lampe, as one of the large German testing centers, offers a great wealth of experience in all areas of thermal solar collectors and solar systems. In addition to testing in accordance with European Standards EN 12975 and EN 12976 and participating in standardization bodies, studies are carried out into new developments.

The task of the PV characterization team directed by Dr. Karsten Bothe is to make the new methods and equipment available which are needed to be able, in cooperation with the simulation team, to acquire a thorough understanding of the silicon solar cells developed at ISFH. In addition, the team offers its measuring techniques and analytical knowledge as a service to the photovoltaic industry.

Finally, ISFH runs training programmes for teachers at different types of schools. These courses are part of the NILS Project, a unique educational initiative in Germany, which is supported by the Lower Saxon Education Ministry.

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